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About Us

Alpha 96 provides top-notch debt collection and recovery service catered to all forms of consumers, no matter if they are a corporate or independent entity. Despite being new to the industry, we are proud to achieve a success rate of 87.4% from all cases entrusted to us by our clients.

Alpha96 Debt Recovery Team is well trained and certified to be competent in both physical and psychological aspect. During member selection, we make sure that no one on-board with Alpha96 is malevolent in nature.

Our clients’ image is always held in high esteem and utmost regard. Alpha96 also takes great effort to ensure that our debt recovery methods are in compliance with the various regulations and legislation, including the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and Singapore Harassment Act.

Alpha96 promise hundred-percent commitment to all our services, alongside with competitive rates to create the best value for our clients.

Our Expertise

Alpha96 is well equipped to handle all kinds of debt-related services, regardless if it is about recovery, investigation, collection or consultation. We are well prepared and can attest to our capabilities in providing services such as:

● Debt Recovery Services

Commercial Debt (Business to Business)

Consumer Debt (Business to Consumer)

Personal Debt

● Debt Collection Services

● Bankruptcy and Debt Management Services

● Debt Investigations and Reports

● Credit Counselling Centre

● Corporate Credit Consultations

● Legal Advice and Services


Corporate Testimonials

“Before engaging Alpha 96, Alpha 96 thoroughly explained to us what will they be doing in the debt collection process, making sure to us that they will not break any law. From start till the end, the process was smooth and Alpha 96 kept to their commitment of being professional.”

- Teazle Pte. Ltd.

“Being in the event planning and production industry, it is quite common for clients to delay payment after the completion of project. We are glad that we have engaged Alpha 96, the debt recovery process was quick and efficient.”

- Attollo Production Pte. Ltd.

“We truly want to mention how professional and efficient Alpha 96 was in the whole process. From the start, Alpha 96 updated us constantly regarding the status of the recovery service. We are fortunate that the debt was able to be recovered in less than two weeks.”

- My Laundry Box

“Unico Marketing Group entrusted Alpha 96 to be our main debt recovery service provider. Since engagin them, more than 89% of our bad debts and outstanding invoices are claimed back, with others well on their way back to us.”

- Unico Marketing Group

All clients' names and testimonials are produced with permission.

Personal Testimonials

"Debt collection process was fast. The undertaking process was simple and easy to understand."

- Sebastian Tan

"Hiccups along the way, but Alpha 96 constantly updated me the situation and devise the execution plan accordingly. I will definitely recommend to people who require such services."

- Tay Wee Teck

"Alpha 96 has a simple engagement process, along with affordable rates. I know who to look for if I need a debt recovery next time."

- Sarah Lee

All clients' names and testimonials are produced with permission.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the services Alpha96 provides. If you have any additional enquiries, we are more than welcome to answer them. Please locate our Contact Us tab to find out how to get in contact with us.

1. What can debt recovery service provide me with?

    As a debt recovery service provider, we professionally recover monies and goods for our clients, in compliance with all regulations and legislation.

2. Why engage such services?

    Many businesses and individuals encounters situation whereby the debtor do not pay up what they owe. And often enough, using legal processes takes too long and usually cost way too much without providing results. By engaging in debt recovery service, the process is hastened and Alpha 96 can advise our client accordingly based on what happened on the ground to maximise results.

3. What if the debtors do not want to pay up?

    Alpha 96 commits to professionalism. We will discuss amicably with the debtors to come up with a payment program or timeframe to give our clients an answer. We will then ensure that the debtor will adhere to the payment conditions, while adhering to legal regulations and legislation.

4. Will my company name/my name be revealed?

    No. Your details and particulars will not be revealed or published without permission. We follow a strict code of conduct and believe in being discreet to all parties.

Contact Us

If you need to enquire about more about the services we provide or seek to provide us with feedbacks

Feel free to contact us at

Mobile :

9029 9607 (Both call and SMS are welcome)

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